About Kingenious

Kingenious,a tech-driven private joint-stock enterprise. Known for its pioneering"multi-crystalline black silicon" invention patents inphotovoltaic production, the company boasts 18 years of experience in semiconductor and photovoltaic wetprocess equipment manufacturing.

Within just 18 months, Kingenious delivered products worth 180 million RMB, and have since upgraded theirtechnology, offering next-gen integrated machines and acid etching equipment. Kingenious has achieved 80GWin PERC and TOPCON production line shipments, comprising nearly 650 batch equipment and 200 inlineequipment. Their expertise, quality, and global presence have solidified their industry leadership.

Wuxi Kingenious Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Wuxi Kingenious Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Wuxi Kingenious Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
Wuxi Kingenious Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
0 + Years

10+ Years of Experience in the Design, R&D, Manufacturing, and After-Sales Service of Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Wet Process Equipment

0 + GW

Project Scale Exceeding 100GW

0 Applications

127 Patent Applications

0 Patents

70 Authorized Patents

Main Products

  • United States
    (Market Expansion in Progress)
  • Europe
    (Market Expansion in Progress)
  • South America
    (Market Expansion in Progress)
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Gansu
  • Hunan
  • Yunnan
  • Guangxi
  • Shaanxi
  • Qinghai
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangxi
  • Fujian
  • Taiwan
  • Sichuan
  • Shanxi
  • Hebei
  • Anhui
  • Jiangsu

Project Areas

To better serve our customers, Kingenious has a professional after-sales service team to respond promptly to customer needs. We provide on-site services at the first moment and offer 24/7 technical support for every product sold.

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